Weekend Instructions.

Everyone needs to go see the new Spiderman movie tonight.

Dig out the Spidey Underoos and put’em on your head while you stand in line for this summers first blockbuster. If you’re Spidey Senses start to tingle, maybe take the under ware off your head, as it might be cutting off the flow of blood to the brain.

Don’t worry about looking stupid. Chances are every reject from a high school A/V Club will be standing next to you in line. Lets face it, this A-List event isn’t going to make it into the local Society Column (unless you’re from Arkansas).

Now tomorrow, Saturday, May 4 is is Free Comic Book Day! Celebrated across all 50 states and 29 countries, Free Comic Book Day is to be spent reading with much joy.

Every store will be giving away copies of Ultimate Spiderman #1, Star Wars Tales: A Jedi’s Weapon, Justice League Adventures #1, and Tomb Raider #1/2. Most stores will also be giving away more comics including The Matrix #1, which has never felt the touch of paper and Dragonball Z #1, which is sure to be a big hit.

Now, be nice to the geeks behind the counter, they are not used to this thing called “con-ver-sa-tion” or questions from the outside world. No sudden movements please, these people have either been the victim of high school hazing (and you might scare them) or they are taking a martial arts class so they can officially wear toed shoes and carry throwing stars.

For all of you comic book readers from the 80’s, here are some things to know before you go in (this will avoid any unnecessary heckling from previously mentioned A/V Ninja Comic Clerks):

  1. Yes, G.I. Joe is around and issue #6 of a new series just arrived in the stores. Snake Eyes never looked so bad-ass.

  2. Transformers has also been picked up by the same company and issue #1 just hit the stands. It’s very cool!

  3. He-Man toys are due out next fall. There is rumor that a new comic series will also be coming this fall. Cross your fingers!

And of course, you can always find plenty of back issues. Go find the comics you once read and have happy, found memories of life before responsibility.

Find your local shop and have fun!