Here’s the plan.

Take an Ok website and turn it into several smaller sites that are interesting, visually appealing, useful, funny, and challenging. Create a place to help improve design, writing, communication, and vocational skills. Leave plenty of room to expand current thinking and try to go beyond the norm.

About this time last year I created a simple blog called GSXL. It served a purpose but I wanted something bigger, a project to encourage me to go beyond what could be done in one evening.

Ten Miles to Disneyland is a collection of websites with unique intentions. Today I display the first, Airbag : Rigid Frame Commentary. Its a blog to replace my old one. Seems that’s what past visitors missed the most. Next in line are Shutterthumb – No Film Display, Wednesday Kryptonite, and IAD Local 415 or a gallery, a comic shop, and a reference.

You’ll see a little bit of everything captured in Airbag. I needed to start somewhere otherwise none of this would get done. I have a problem with being a perfectionist, in fact there are several small problems that I would love to fix right now but…

So welcome, I hope you will be back for more.