What Else We Got?

Just in case you missed it, the FOX network debuted Bonzai, the perfect show for men 18-24 with some post elementary education, median income of $5784.03 and a preference to a James Bond marathon (for the 231st time) on The Superstation vs. Back to the Oscars month on Turner Movie Classics.

Bonzai is one part game show, one part frat house, and one part Jackass (not the mammal, the ABC Afterschool TV special). It is supposed to parody real Japanese game shows where the local population subjects themselves to acts of horror and shame in order to win things like square watermelons or Super Happy Human Power Drink — Passion Mango Lobster Flavor.

However, in FOX‘s latest offering people and animals are only subjected to tiny amounts of humiliation, and I don’t recall any real contestants or winners. It’s more like thirty minutes of Saturday Night Live skits on the topic of Japanese game shows featuring a crazy Kung Fu fighter as the special guest.

Viewers are encouraged to play along via their computer or cell phone. Create an account on the FOX website and your scores will be recorded and posted for all the world to admire.

The show is not without controversy (hello PETA and Asian community) but FOX and the general American population go together like oil and water most of the time. Still, Bonzai was far more entertaining than the latest episode of the Simpsons which is on it’s 32nd season — but that’s not saying much.

Why they canned Futurama is way beyond me.