Airbag Industries

Wicked Fast.

After serving my sentence at California Superior Court, and after having to explain, very carefully, to my homies in Santa Anna who Erick Estrada is and why a fellow ‘Latino’ would be caught dead playing a traffic cop, I went right to the computer store and bought a new toy.

It’s a snappy Hewlett Packard zt1130 designed for Windows XP. I now have four more days before I can return it back, no questions asked, no restocking fee.

But I think this ones a keeper.

Running at a glorious 1.13 gigahertz, the baby can also play Return to Castle Wolfenstein with 128 megs tied behind the back. And when I click on apps, nothing bounces around it just opens and rather quickly I might add.

Now Apple still has my heart but I just realized that unlike some monks, I don’t have to torture myself while using a computer. Okay, okay, it’s not that bad and I can, like totally, still respect myself in the morning after using a Macintosh the night before.

Few notes about turning to the ‘Dark Side’:

  1. Airbag will now be called Darth Airbag and will feature the latest in respiratory gear.

  2. The soon to be launched 415th Recon will now be hosted at: r/415rcn/html/index.asp instead of Cool eh?!

  3. For some reason when I try to pull up Slashdot or Userland I keep getting Error 1984? That’s a new one on me?!

  4. Forget handcoding! Have you seen what Microsoft Word XP can do with HTML and XML? Wow!

Now keep in mind that I have not totally converted. I still have my trusty Apple Macintosh G3 (Blue & White) to keep be bi-platform lingual. I’m hoping to learn how to use things like Apache, PHP, MySQL, and the ‘teh-teh-ter-min-al’.

I do have a few questions for Airbag readers. Please put XP thinking cap on now. Ready? Okay!

I want to get my hands on Lucida Grande for Windows. Do you know who makes this font (or carries the license) and where they sell it? I grew to love it (the font) while using MacOS X and would like to bring that charm to XP.

And is it possible to convert Macintosh Postscript Type I fonts over to windows?

And if a woodchuck, could chuck wood, how much does a woodchuck chuck?