A long time Airbag reader and friend of mine has decided to cut his chain to the corporate desk and push out on his own to live the American dream. For those of you not familiar with this term, I’m looking at you Pierre, it means my friend has decided to start a business.

And to kick this all off he’s decided to give away an Apple iPod Shuffle.

Well, ok, kinda.

Michael Doan is in the accounting business. Now that Enron has been reduced to a gas station, Martha is showing people how to decorate shivs and Schwarzenegger has cough fixed the budget, Mike needs a little help attracting new clients. And to get a great start he needs a good logo. Normally this is where I launch Photoshop and do the work to the best of my ability, but I’m in the middle of a great many large tasks that do not leave me adequate time. So I’ve decided to host a little competition, dragging a few friends and mentors into the process.

All you have to do is design a new logo for Mike’s business and you will be showered with prizes (iPod Shuffle, etc.), fame and glory. Before we get into the loot (did I mention iPod Shuffle and more?) lets talk about the task at hand.

About Mike’s Company

LedgerPaper is the business name, but it will be followed by a “business unit” name (e.g. LedgerPaper – Financial Accounting Services). In the future, if all goes well, other business units will come into play (e.g. LedgerPaper – Financial Staffing, etc).

The company provides the following types of services: SEC Filings, Accounting Staffing/Screening, Audit Prep Work, Forecasting, Financial Modeling, Custom Excel Development, and Bookkeeping. Mike’s (LedgerPaper) clients need to see that he has experience in accounting from working inside a Fortune 500 company to feisty startup experience. He has taken a company to the New York Stock Exchange and has served as a corporate officer.

Ledger paper is real, it surrounds us…

Mike was kind enough to describe what ledger paper is in a way only a loving accountant can:

Ledger paper is specially ruled paper used by accountants before the proliferation of spreadsheets. I think the use of “LedgerPaper” as a brand invokes memories of a more trustworthy time in accounting — a time before Enron and Worldcom accounting fraud. Also, using ledger paper requires careful work, as it is all done by hand, and a miscalculation on a 13 column ledger paper requires the accountant to go back and “flow” through all the changes to subtotals and totals.

Dead sexy, eh?


The following persons have been selected to chose the winning entry — there can be only one.

Jason Santa Maria

Jim Coudal

Jon Hicks

Michael Doan — The client

Tom Dolan

Grand Prize

Forget what your father told you Focker, there’s no place for second. The winning participant will receive the following.

1. A brand spanking new Apple iPod Shuffle

  1. Jewelboxes — Kings 20 Pack. Great for distributing your portfolio.

  2. A coveted Airbag t-shirt of your choosing

  3. And of course you’ll be praised here on Airbag with a ‘hyper-link’ to your website, or email address (if you’re a risk taker).

Contest Notes

Rules of the road.

  1. This project calls for a logo for the business LedgerPaper, NOT Michael Doan.
  2. The color palette should be conservative (traditionally this means deep reds, blues, and other fine accounting hues) with a hint of flair (I’m thinking orange) to indicate the companies youth and agility. Think John Stewart versus Dan Rather.
  3. The logo will be used on both print and the web and the client has agreed to use the winning entry.
  4. “No 1990’s, dot-com swooshy things”. Just leave anything resembling dot-com in the logo graveyard.
  5. The ability for the logo to scale down into a nice favicon is a definite plus.
  6. Submit your entry via email attachment to: Please do not submit files larger than 250k. Do not send anything created by a Microsoft product such as Paint or Publisher (seriously yucky).
  7. All entries have to be emailed no later than midnight of February 14, 2005. You may submit up to three logos but to be considered for this contest you have submit to at least one.
  8. This contest is not-valid in the following states: AR, WY and the District of Columbia. wink

Results will be posted seven-to-ten days after entry deadline. Winner will be notified via email.

If you have any questions for the client about his business please post them in the comments. Read through the comments before posting a question.

Good luck.