Airbag has become victim to this stupid comment spam.


Do spammers know they will rot in hell in the afterlife? I’m talking non-stop broiler action for eternity. Stupid, stupid spammers.

There is hope; a small light in the dark mire of senseless damage to a lot of personal creative work.

It’s called MT-Blacklist and it’s almost as frustrating as the spam itself. Owning your own server helps because the Perl script required for installation is not likely to be found on virtual hosts services.

Thankfully, Airbag resides on a lowly FreeBSD box at my friends hosting business. So when I need something installed it’s usually not a problem.

It’s mostly working, MT-Blacklist that is. When I try to rid this site of all the comment spam I get an error telling me that I don’t have permission to edit messages on this site.

Sometimes I don’t know why I even bother. Stupid, stupid installation process.

The good news is that I am about half way through a redesign for Airbag. But I gotta know, should I keep the pop-up comments window or switch to a comments page?

UPDATE: Jay has released version 1.6 of Blacklist and after the 20 second installation it’s working as advertised.

Also, spammers can still go to hell. This includes California Senator Tom McClintok who has added me to a direct email campaign for stopping a car tax. All without my permission of course.