Dave Wiener, is beyond my world. Like the distance between my sphere of influence and that of Steve Hawking, or William Shatner (oh captain, my captain). Dave is the brilliant mind behind things like DaveNet, Radio Userland, SOAP, XML-RPC, and a bunch of other stuff that I just don’t understand.

He is also one of the biggest evangelist for personal publishing on the Internet (read: weblogs). So much so, that Dave bet Martin Nisenholtz (CEO of New York Times Digital) that weblogs will outrank the New York Times site by 2007 via search results from Google. And he put up $1000 to make this point.

Dave gets excited when you can do things like create an application interface to work with the piles of data gathered at places like Google and Amazon. Especially when you can do it with things like SOAP and XML, it seems to tinkle him pink.

Did you know that for every jet plane created there is more documentation created about that vehicle than it can physically carry. These documents completely fill warehouses around the United States with things like x-ray microfiche of the planes wing structure to memos regarding wiring schematics. It’s mostly senseless but the government requires the documentation and it’s storage during the life of the plane.

So think of Google as somewhere around a thousand times the size of an airplanes flu shot records and you get an idea of the data mine that Dave likes to tinker with.

Here that? That’s the sound of said airplane zooming over my head and way past me.

I am glad that this world has people like Mr. Wiener and that he lets me lurk around his web site and receive his DaveNet email from time to time. Even though the idea of a Google API eludes me, for now, Dave’s enthusiasm for these things and stories of riding a Segway bring back some of the pre-VC fun to the Internet.

So, thanks Dave. I don’t always comprehend your email, but I get a sense that it’s something both remarkable and good. And someday in the near future, everyone is going to reap the benefits.