It’s been a very busy week with the selling of material goods, playing Eternal Darkness, and reinstalling Windows XP for a third time.

It’s not every week that my free time is occupied with such trivial matters but I have been in preparation for the activities which start tomorrow. For on Saturday the work begins to transform my home into a hip urban dwelling.

That’s right, we’re installing Pergo — the dream of thousands of women around the country and now a wish come true for my lovely wife.

The metamorphosis will begin with the early morning arrival of boxes and boxes of laminate wood flooring followed by the moving of everything from one room and into another. A process repeated five times.

We’ve watched the ‘how-to’ video so of course my wife and I don’t have a clue as to what we’re doing but I’m sure after several heated arguments, cold shoulders and threatening of lawsuits and divorce court, the floor will look fantastic.

And it’s sure to add an extra five large to the value of the property.

So while you’re chillin’ New Kids style on the back porch sipping Old Time Fashion Country Lemonade or making death wishes towards a certain AYSO referee, remember that one of us is suffering a prolonged, Bob Villa like anguish that is also know as home improvement.