Is it news to anyone else that WordPress, Inc. has ceased to exist?

I was under the impression that six months ago the application had reached a milestone of success that enabled Matt Mullenweg and Jonas Luster to form the corporation WordPress, Inc.

Yesterday, Matt (known to many as photomatt) posted this comment in response to my entry criticizing the lack of design in the WordPress application and online presence:

Greg, Jonas Luster is not associated with WordPress, there is no company called WordPress Inc.


I must admit that I don’t follow every step of the WordPress community and after reading Matt’s comment I thought I had missed some big announcement but this appears to be new to others as well. In response to Matt’s casual announcement, Bradley Sepos writes:

…I have to ask you, what has become of WordPress, Inc.? Or does the company to which I refer go by another name? I watched you on a stage announce this company! I was in another state, but I saw the video, and it was your face up there.

Explain? I’m confused now.

I’m confused too because, as Andy Felder has pointed out, according to the San Jose Mercury News, WordPress.com is the corporate version of the software:

…it was Thursday [August, 18, 2005], as 21-year-old blogger Matt Mullenweg navigated the hallways of San Francisco’s Palace Hotel, giving select corporate and other confidants a sneak peak at his latest offering: a special blogging software tool for companies.

Today is his big day. He’s showing off the corporate version of his software, called WordPress.com, for the first time. It will allow companies to host the software on their own or WordPress servers — giving employees the freedom to blog.

I sent this post to Matt to give him the chance to comment. His response: “I don’t see what the confusion is.”

UPDATE: In response to this inquiry and questions from WordPress users, Matt has setup a Wiki page to help summarize events and answer questions. Nice work.