Earlier this morning I posted a link to Tony Wright’s patchy ad hominem. I wasn’t going to write anything in response and just let it go but some have written in to say that their comments aren’t being posted. How lame.

In his post, Ugly Design Works… Most Web Designers Miss the Point, Tony goes on and on about my inability to recognize that design is nothing more than pretty art and that web designers in general are in denial about the more important role of the usability expert.

Nevermind that good designers are both but I guess I’m in denial about that too.

Personally I think this more to do with the article I wrote for A List Apart. It was his web deign company that I mentioned in the narrative. I could be wrong but considering the tone of Tony’s post and that my name is in there seven times I don’t think so. Pity.

Given that comments are being moderated as they are on the Gojobby blog I’ll post my reply here to make sure it’s seen:

Tony, all this proves is that you’re a tool who really doesn’t understand the role and purpose of design.

Judging by your own web app (which you designed?) I don’t see any evidence that you practice what you’re preaching. Gojobby has small text, is not easy to scan, and is compacted in such a tight area I don’t really know where to start. I doubt very seriously that Jacob Nielsen would give your application a passing grade according to his criteria that you hold in such high regard.

I also think it’s funny that you submitted your own blog post to Digg. Just how bad are you in need of attention?

Have a good weekend everybody.

UPDATE: Within minutes of posting this Tony has seen fit to turn comments on. Go hither.