Yo Ho.

A few days ago I happened upon a link to a site called Macoholics. The site had linked to Airbag somewhere so naturally I clicked through to see what there was to see and to find what fame had brought.

Click and awe.

Macoholics (perhaps without even knowing it) had joined the ranks of several site before it. Sites that ‘borrowed’ their design. Macoholics was a site pirate and she bore the skull and crossbones tall and proud.

In the beginning it appeared that Airbag was not the primary victim. That honor fell upon Hivelogic, whose ornate mast design had been completely ripped off in a way befit a man wearing a ski mask standing at the checkout counter of the local connivence store in a backwoods county.

Even to the untrained eye it doesn’t take much to see that the site pirate saw Airbag and Hivelogic as peanut butter and chocolate AKA a winning combination.

I emailed the link around to people who in turn emailed the link to Dan of Hivelogic. I would have contacted Dan myself but he won’t speak to me anymore. That’s another story for when we’re all together laughing at those past times when thing are funny now.

A posse was quickly formed and Macholics was taken down — all the way to Chinatown.

Much rejoicing and singing could be heard in the town on that night.

This morning, after feeding the ferocious lion and panther a spot of tuna tar tar, came an email from Switzerland. It was from master photographer, Mark Howells who said “if you get tired of looking at your design, you might like this one.”

Macoholics is born again, only this time without the chocolate.

UPDATE: I am happy to report that Dan and I have chatted a few times in the last few days and resolved any misunderstanding that took place oh so long ago.

As it turns out this is a time for laughing at those past times when thing are funny now.