Five things.

“Why our fashion editor buys almost nothing new” popped up in my podcast queue this morning. Though I’m not into fashion the episode title and show notes caught my attention.

Last year, the FT’s fashion editor Lauren Indvik made a pledge that surprised us. She vowed to buy just five new items of clothing and shoes all year long. The number comes from a study that says in order to stick to the Paris Agreement’s goals, five new items of fashion a year is the optimal goal for those who live in the world’s richest countries. Lauren tells Lilah how the experiment went and whether she stuck to five things. She also shares her tips for buying fewer new clothes.

I’m intrigued because I look around at all of the things I own, especially media, and I don’t need to buy anything new. Especially if you consider my digital library with hundreds of books and thousands of comics. I know enough about myself that I can go full turkey and that will last for a few months. Then I’ll see something cool and—oops, willpower is gone—1-Click buy button, click—oh we, I’ll try again next year!

But five things. I think I could do five things. That means one new thing per quarter and a bonus for that one time when my brain can not get over whatever it is and I have to have it. This I can do.