February 1, 2024

Location: Sonoma, California

Work: Many irons are in the fire, but my current work focus is Same Team Partners, a new consultancy that I’ve started with my long-time friend and peer Brett Harned. Of the many things we have planned, Brett and I have outlined a new book on owning and running an agency.

Also in the development of another company called Jump Ship with Ryan Rumsey. We’re on hiatus for a bit while we figure out what is the best way to go to market.

Personal: Working on new version of Airbag and another website or two. My wife and I are also have a book in the works on baking. Anyone who knows my wife and her work will be excited about this.

I have been devouring a lot of animated programs that include Scavengers Reign, and Blue Eye Samurai. I recently bing read through the Pluto manga series in preparation for watching the new show on Netflix.

Also playing Fortnite (Zero Build-Solo) when I need a break.