Here’s a feel good story, especially if you're into comics.

"A Metro Detroit father kept a secret for 50 years, but now his son is on a journey to uncover the truth. And what he found is one of the largest and most valuable comic book collections in the country."

The story will be told in an upcoming documentary called, “Selling Superman.”

There is a 40-year hidden family secret that only a few people knew about. Darren’s father had Asperger’s (ASD) and it led him to collect comic books in a genius yet obsessive way that overtook the home, destroyed the family, and caused everyone great mental trauma.

Now, after his father’s passing, Darren is left with a holy grail collection of over 300,000 comic books - including the prized possession of his father: Superman #1 (7.0) valued at over $3.5 million - making it one of the most valuable comic books of all time.

He didn’t just collect comics but also toys and trading cards and unlike anyone at the time, bought multiple copies of everything. Watch the trailer to get a glimpse of a staggering collection of 80’s Star Wars toys mint-in-box—as they say.