Staying afloat, for now.

In fourteen days the CMS I use to run this site, Forestry, will be shut down for good and until I migrate to another system this site will be frozen in time. Don’t stop the presses here, the world will continue to rotate but this situation sucks. It’s like when a commercial or government entity makes a mistake that you have to now find time to fix. While software as a service makes a lot of sense, someone else’s problems are now my own. And I have to be honest, I’m not thrilled by my options because they either tie me to the same situation or they require time and money to fix.

I have long lost a passion for typing out code for years. It’s just not an interesting or fun thing to do. Design is in my blood, code is always a means to an end. I appreciate that coding tools like Webflow and publishing tools like Squarespace make these tasks simpler but nothing that I have seen is truly WYSIWYG. Maybe I’m wrong and by some chance, you know differently and can point me in a better direction. If that is so, please do.

I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating…all I want is MoveableType from days gone by. It did everything I wanted to do. It was easy to use, easy to setup—pickup truck simple. Why can’t we have software like that any more?